Payment Services Directive II, or PSD2 for short, is a European directive that regulates the payment market in the European Union. PSD2 seeks to promote the exchange of payment information between banks.

In brief

PSD2 is a directive that focuses primarily on payment transactions at major banks. Delen Private Bank concentrates on sustainable asset management and estate planning. Therefore, the directive has little impact on the core activities of Delen Private Bank. At your request - but only then - the bank will naturally disclose information about the relevant payment transactions to the third party engaged by you.

What is PSD2?

PSD2 extends an initial directive (PSD1), which aimed to standardise payments within the EU. PSD2 has now widened the scope for payment services to include new, non-financial players, also known as third parties or Third Party Providers (TPPs). Subject to the client’s consent, third parties will have access via the regulated banks to information about the client's payment transactions. Securities accounts do not fall within the scope of PSD2.

What about your privacy?

The third parties are responsible for the privacy of their clients. They are responsible for securing the obtained personal payment and account data. Only with your explicit consent are these parties allowed to request and process the account data, up to four times a day. So think carefully about before you share any data; do it only if you are sure that you can trust the third party.


PSD2 has the advantage that you can get an integrated overview of your payment transactions through your universal bank or a third party. Always exercise caution, however, because you will be granting a third party permission to consult your payment transactions and to save this information. Make absolutely sure that you can trust the party concerned. In all instances, you will as standard have to renew your consent every 90 days.


Delen Private Bank has obtained an exemption from the National Bank of Belgium regarding the fall back mechanism under EU regulation 2018/389, article 33 (6).

PSD2 statistics and development

On our developer portal developers can find all the information about the openbanking API's. In addition, our KPI's of the different interfaces will also appear on this portal.

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