Responsible asset management

Responsible asset management: in business and investment

Delen Private Bank occupies a unique position in the private banking sector. Our success stems directly from the Delen DNA: basic values that are central in all aspects of internal operations and in all forms of service to our clients. Human dignity and sustainability have been omnipresent throughout the 80-year history of this family business. Grounded on a commitment to integrity in all we do, we continuously strive for Responsible Asset Management: an inherently human business philosophy and a consistent responsible investment policy.

Corporate Responsibility: the Delen DNA

Founded as a stockbroker in 1936 by André Delen, transformed into a successful stockbroking firm by the second generation and grown into a leading independent asset manager, Delen Private Bank has consistently expanded over the years. How do we make a difference? By emphasizing the values typical of a family-run bank: continuity, transparency and prudence – the Delen DNA. Integrity is of key importance in all our relationships: with clients, employees and society. Indeed, we realise all too well that trust is the reward of our human and conscientious approach.

Responsible Investing: the 4-step-method

At Delen Private Bank, responsible investment is more than a buzzword. We commit to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, which is the framework of the United Nations focused on a more sustainable global financial system. Asset management is one of the cornerstones of our professional expertise. It is carried out in line with our philosophy of common sense, preservation and balanced growth. Our investments are well thought-through, yet we are alert to long-term opportunities. This requires fundamental analyses, away from hypes, impulses and sentiments. Our responsible investment policy applies to all in-house investment funds and ensures a responsible portfolio construction in four steps: exclusion, engagement, integration and impact.

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