Delen Family Services : client view on all assets

23 June 2020 | Corporate

Delen Private Bank launched Delen Family Services in the fall of 2019. The service provides each client with a clear, overall picture of their entire private and company assets, while taking into account the specificities of their family situation. A digital archive provides easy scanning and storage of important documents thanks to the Delen app. Our clients, relationship managers and estate planners gain a clear understanding of all assets and can give the clients tailored advice. Alexandre Delen, the company executive responsible for IT reviews the history of the project.

Alexandre Delen
Delen Family Services allows the client to prepare for unexpected turns in life. That creates real peace of mind.
Alexandre Delen - Executive Director and head of IT

How was Delen Family Services created?

Alexandre: The idea came from Jacques Delen. Three years ago he sat down with another colleague to critically examine the Delen app. In itself they were quite satisfied, but the functions of the tool needed to be further enhanced. We wanted to provide a central location with an extensive, global inventory of all assets: immovable and movable assets, insurance, companies, works of art, etc. Delen Family Services now structures and completes our services offering.

How was it received by clients?

Alexandre: Our clients have shown a great deal of interest in Delen Family Services. Its many benefits win them over very quickly. It provides a clear and structured view of all assets, significantly decreases administrative work and provides a first estimate of succession rights. Most of all, it provides real peace of mind. Because life can sometimes take unexpected turns. And if something should happen, then everything is taken care of. The service was launched less that a year ago, and yet already some 25% of our clients make use of it.

How involved was IT?

Alexandre: The project was developed in-house, just like the Delen app. A quarter of the Bank’s staff works in the IT department. Some were entirely dedicated to Delen Family Services for over a year and some still are. The programme is being launched gradually. We’re completing the Delen application and Delen OnLine over time to ensure that clients can access the service’s different options at any time.

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