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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. The app complies with all safety conditions set by Delen Private Bank for its digital channels.

    • You may only access your portfolio if you have registered your device with your digipass, your username and your personal code.
    • After registering you must create a new PIN for each device to limit access to the app.
    • You will automatically be signed out when you stop using the app.
    • Delen Private Bank will never ask you for your login details via email or by telephone. Never provide this information to anyone.
  • When signing in for the first time you must first register your device with your digipass, your username and your personal code. Your manager provided you with these during your first meeting. You must create a new PIN when registering.

    Once your device has been registered you will be able to sign in quickly and easily using your new PIN during future visits.

  • The Delen app runs on the following operating systems:

    • Apple: on smartphones and tablets, iOS9 or later
    • Android: on smartphones and tablets, Android 5.0 or later
  • Yes. You can consult your portfolio on different devices using the same PIN. Each device must be registered with the digipass before you can log in with your PIN.

  • To change your PIN you must register your device again with your digipass, your username and your personal code.

  • Please contact the Delen helpdesk via or via telephone number +32 3 244 56 00 to disconnect your lost device from your profile.

    The helpdesk is available Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30.

I’ve explored the Delen app in depth and I’m thoroughly impressed. The Best Digital Private Bank award is fully deserved. Congratulations!

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You can reach the helpdesk Monday till Friday from 09:00 till 17:30.

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